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Petra Mavrakis

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About Me

” I always had a passion for textile fibre . . . the feel and smell of it . . . . being fascinated by its flexibility within its boundaries. 
I love its pliability to meet the need to be clothed and yet to have been done that, well. The way in which the process in which it’s created builds up to a final product that satisfies and beautifies.
I also appreciate the way in which fibre lends itself to be explored in a playful way in one’s hands that results in a fashionable product creating comfort, warmth and joy. 
Being fired by the cross-pollination of the wholesome outcomes of some global ideas, needs and trends, I aim to weave parallelwise into my own dreams as I proceed, being cocreative with fellow believers. “


Lady walking through garden in blue evening dress

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The Heart Behind Our Pre-Loved Dresses

I like to invest into a philosophy of ethical buying and consuming, being eco-friendly and sustainable.”

The joy of a preloved garment is different than that of a new one. It is born out of a differentness in looking at certain aspects in life, apart from many other reasons. 
Other than that it saves the bride money to budget rather for a special elopement honeymoon / videographer and / photographer,  it removes for some unnecessary debt that needs to be made to look a certain way and sometimes to impress rather than to enjoy and just to be yourself in a dress that reflects your personality. 
Born out of a perspective that contributes to the main focus: the wedding vows, and not to any other paraphernalia suspending to that, secondarily, so as to compete to that epitome of a truthful once – in – a – lifetime event I try to elaborate with these dresses. Not to say that a dress is unimportant and to be compromised, at all.
I like to paraphrase on the anecdote in the wedding fashion sphere: ” the bride needs to carry the dress ” , not the case, vice versa. She needs to stand out, out of the frame of her dress, the latter enhancing the woman she is and her particular features and unique beauty. 
Also, garments worn by brides decades ago / a vintage dress with memories relating to a forlorn time with the nostalgia of a period that passed and can never be retrieved other than by a piece that is a visible statement of the fashion – and social atmosphere of that point in time, is a beautiful way to celebrate that very special wedding day. A memorabilia of a modern day bride painting her own story on an old canvas.

“Let Life, Love and Fibre, be interwoven!”

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